Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Almost there!

In just a few days...
4 and a haf nights to be exact.
I will be leaving for Disneyland Resort Paris!
Damn it's a mouth full to say haha.
As some of you might already know, I am a HUUUUGE Disney fan. And readers of my other blog Kyanara's Mad Reviews surely will know that little fact. Since I have been posting Soundtrack saturdays, in Disney version for some time now.
And that means that is is quite a big thing for me, that I am going to Disney again.
It has been three years since my last visit, and I have been longing for a trip there for quite a bit now.
And I can not believe I am now so close to visiting "The happiest place on earth!"gawd I can ramble on about that fact for ages, but I will not do that since it will probably bore you to death.

But what you guys will see is a lot of pictures.
You all must know I am a big photo whore. There I said it. It's true, I am!
It's the first time I am taking my SLR camera with me so I hopeI can shoot some really awesome shots.
Fingers crossed!

This message I guess to a bit to prepare you for what is to come....

A lot of Disney!
I will not take any dolls with me to Disney.
I am to afraid I will loose one or damage one in rides of what ever.
So the pics will be kind of dollie-less.

So, yes!
I am now going into prepare mode and I will leave you with this one last pic.
I did not take it myself, but isn't it beautiful?


  1. Yay Disneyland! I love that as well ^-^! I hope you will enjoy your trip to Disneyland! Haha I also make a lot of photos of like everything ^-^'', well at least you can remember everything because of those many pictures! Have fun!

    1. Thnx!
      I agree.. I will never foget the trip. I just have to look at the pics!
      Ow an the vids that we'll also be making! :D


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