Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Peak's woods AB the queen of hearts

Peak's Woods have released a new limited girl.
Her name is AB Rogita The queen of hearts

You can order her from the 13th of July to the 31th of august.
Layaway is available.

She is a Fullset doll and is 61 cm tall.

She really is a lovely doll. But to be honest I liked the white queen just a bit more.
And in the picture her hands look huge. They look way to big for her head. It could be just the picture. But that was the first things I noticed. and it kinda turned me off. But on the other side I do love the outfit!
Okey, enough talk, Let's see her!


  1. Oh my she is beautiful! I totally love her outfit and wig! The hands look a bit big indeed, but that's just maybe the picture. Too bad she is limited T_T

    1. I have the same feeling about the limited part. I wish I had the money to buy eigther one of them, white or red queen... But no moneys left :(

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