Friday, May 11, 2012

Doll meets

Every now and then a doll meets is organised in the netherlands.
And I just love going to them.
This month however is insane when it comes to meets.
Two in just one month.
But really I am looking forward to  them so much.
First meeting is tomorrow.
It's a local meet for me since it's being held in Den Bosch, which is like 15 minuted from here.
The next one is next weekend and it's also a sleeover meet!
Two days of dollie fun!

What I love most about meets, is I get to meet the people behind the dolls.
Mostly you know the dolls from forums's and other sites, but you never really get to know the perosn behind the dolls.
At a meet you can.
And ofcourse you get to see the dolls you have seen so many times on the internet in real life.
And take lots and lots of pictures!
I had hoped that I would have Aiden's body by now so I could take him to his ver first  meet, but he is still not here.
So now I am left to figure out which dolls I want to take along...

But before I decide...
Let's finish some new outfits. :D


  1. Yaaaay meets 8D haha! Zolang je Liza de 19e maar meeneemt. 8D (lol, Guess who this is. |D)

    1. haha, Natuurlijk gaat Liza mee, Speciaal en alleen voor jou ;)


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