Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Dollzone dolls

Dollzone just released 4 brand new MSD dolls.
I myself am not a big Dollzone lover, but once in a while they bring out a doll that I do really like.
This time.... That is not the case.
I really do not think eigther one of these dolls are pretty.
In some way they look a bit misfigured. The eye/lip/face are not right in some way.
And with some of them I personaly feel like they look like they are stoned, hihi.
But ofcourse that is a matter of personal taste.

But since this is big news from Dollzone, And I just like to show new dolls on my blog, I could not resist to show them to you and tell you what I personaly think of them ;)

Link to Dollzone website



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