Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Soom Skoll and Hati

Soom is about to release two cute new dollies.
They are called Skoll and Hati.

First of I'dd like to talk a bit about Hati.
She is such a cutiepie.
I really like her face and those lips... *drewls*
It really is a shame that I do not have any money in my wallet, else I would have ordered her, without a second thought.

Link to soom page for Hati

Picture of Hati

Second I would like to talk about Skoll.
First off, that name is a bit.... weird, if you ask me.
It somehow makes me want to click glasses....
Right, back to the doll.
I am asuming this is a boy, since it is wearing mostly blue clothing and has a boyish look to him.
I am not as enthused by him as I am of Hati.
I think somehow his expresion is a bit sad, for a doll who should be a spring doll.
To pouty.

Link to Soom page for Skoll

Picture of Skoll

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