Thursday, February 23, 2012

For my Girl

Hi there Sexy!

I have been longing for you.

My heart will always be yours
<3 A.orta

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Soom Skoll and Hati

Soom is about to release two cute new dollies.
They are called Skoll and Hati.

First of I'dd like to talk a bit about Hati.
She is such a cutiepie.
I really like her face and those lips... *drewls*
It really is a shame that I do not have any money in my wallet, else I would have ordered her, without a second thought.

Link to soom page for Hati

Picture of Hati

Second I would like to talk about Skoll.
First off, that name is a bit.... weird, if you ask me.
It somehow makes me want to click glasses....
Right, back to the doll.
I am asuming this is a boy, since it is wearing mostly blue clothing and has a boyish look to him.
I am not as enthused by him as I am of Hati.
I think somehow his expresion is a bit sad, for a doll who should be a spring doll.
To pouty.

Link to Soom page for Skoll

Picture of Skoll

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Withdoll Girl

I just heard withdoll has released a new girl.
Her name is Rachel and she is a MSD (41cm girl)
When I first saw this picture I thought that she was an SD doll (60cm)
So you can understand that I was really schocked to read that she was just 42 cm tall.
I really lover her face. She has a really grown up face. Where most MSD dolls are younger looking. Like early teens.
I am not to fond of the teeth in her mouth. They distract to much attention away from the beautifull face she has.

Here's a link to the Withdoll page

I can not post a picture of her on my blog, they disappear after a few hours...
If you want to see her, you can do so by clicking on the link below.