Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy new Year!!!

Happy New year!!!!

Looking Back 
Where has the year gone????
2011 went by in a flash, seems time really flew by this year.
The last year has been one of ups and downs. Good times and some not so very good times.
When I look back at my Dollie year of 2011 I can say it was a good year.
I got Patch in the beginning of the year, and Aiden a little later in the year.
I also had Saari for a  few months, but decided to sell her. I just did not have that click with her.
But luckily there was someone who thought she was perfect the way I made her look, and wanted to buy her from me. With that money I got a chance to give Aiden his own look and clothes. (Instead of borrowing Patch's style all the time.) Which I totaly loved ofcourse.

Looking back at my creative outbursts of 2011 I can honestly say I was not really that active, especially in the beginning of the year. I was strugling through those months and had no desire what so ever to make anything. I really am verry happy to have found my creativeness again over the last few months of the year. And I am hoping to continue to be like this. I just love making my hands make beautifull things.

What do I wish to do in the new year?

The very first thing I want in this new year is to get Aiden his body.
He's been a floating head for way to long and he can't keep borrowing Patch's body.
AND I want to make pictures of my two boys together!!!!!
I already decided which body and where to get it... not it's just a mather of time.

Secondly I really want to buy a new camera this year. I have been using this one for so long, and I want to take my photographt to the next level, and for that I need a camera that is a bit more profesional than the one I am using now. Which basicly means I need a SLR camera...
No... Still do not have one of those... Shame on me.

But what I want most in thi snew year.... is happyness.... I just want to be happy!
Let's hope I can make that happen.

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