Friday, January 27, 2012

Tutorial: How to make BJD Yo-SD Warm dresses and hats from a simple sock

It is very simple and easy to make a cute little winter dress with a warm hat for you little Yo-sd dolls!
All you need is a SOCK! Yes a sock!
You can choose a sock that has a fun print, or just a simple one colored sock.
Take a needle and thread and you are ready to go.

Here is a simple step by step tutorial on how to make this little dres with matching hat.


What do you need?
- A sock.
- Needle and thread
- Scissors
- A ribbon ( this one is optional )

Cutting the sock

Cut you sock up like you see here below!

You need every piece of the sock except  the heel piece, you can throw that one away.

Making the dress

Take the top part of the sock and flip the elastic band over  and secure it with pins.

Now sew the elastic band.
You can eigther use one sewing line of two. Just do what you prefer.

When you are done you'll have this.

Cutting the Armholes
Make two smal cuts in the sock on eigther side ofthe dress so the hands of your dol can fit through, make sure the holes are big enough.
After that you can choose to sew a border into the hole or not. Do what feels good to you.

Sewing on the extra bottom part.
Flip over a bit of the bottom of the top part of your dress.

Now take the other straight part of your sock and gently slide it over the top part of the dress. and sew the parts together

Flip the bottom of the dress and make a hem in it.

The Hat and adds
Al you need to do with the hat is take the toe part of your sock, roll up a bit of the bottom.
DO NOT SEW IT! Else it will not fit on your dolls head.

if you want to you can also add a little ribbon to give the dress a little spunk.

And than you have this.

And  this is how my grils look in their new dresses.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The New Aiden

Last week the mailman brought me back my two little men.
Both Patch and Aiden have been away for a bit to get a new face-up made by Amaranthe-Arts.
They both are so pretty now. And ofcourse I need to show them of a bit!

First up is Aiden.
This is what he looked like before he left.

The Old Aiden

The New Aiden

You probably want to know what Patch looks like right now.
And I probably am going to anoy the crap out of you by saying this.

You are just going to have to wait.

Patch is currently waiting for his new oufit. And when I do a shoot of his new look, I want it to be the complete new look. face-up and clothing all together! :D

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy new Year!!!

Happy New year!!!!

Looking Back 
Where has the year gone????
2011 went by in a flash, seems time really flew by this year.
The last year has been one of ups and downs. Good times and some not so very good times.
When I look back at my Dollie year of 2011 I can say it was a good year.
I got Patch in the beginning of the year, and Aiden a little later in the year.
I also had Saari for a  few months, but decided to sell her. I just did not have that click with her.
But luckily there was someone who thought she was perfect the way I made her look, and wanted to buy her from me. With that money I got a chance to give Aiden his own look and clothes. (Instead of borrowing Patch's style all the time.) Which I totaly loved ofcourse.

Looking back at my creative outbursts of 2011 I can honestly say I was not really that active, especially in the beginning of the year. I was strugling through those months and had no desire what so ever to make anything. I really am verry happy to have found my creativeness again over the last few months of the year. And I am hoping to continue to be like this. I just love making my hands make beautifull things.

What do I wish to do in the new year?

The very first thing I want in this new year is to get Aiden his body.
He's been a floating head for way to long and he can't keep borrowing Patch's body.
AND I want to make pictures of my two boys together!!!!!
I already decided which body and where to get it... not it's just a mather of time.

Secondly I really want to buy a new camera this year. I have been using this one for so long, and I want to take my photographt to the next level, and for that I need a camera that is a bit more profesional than the one I am using now. Which basicly means I need a SLR camera...
No... Still do not have one of those... Shame on me.

But what I want most in thi snew year.... is happyness.... I just want to be happy!
Let's hope I can make that happen.