Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hanging out in a Hotel

A few weeks ago The Male and I went to a hotel near the beah. We wanted to visit the beach, but that plan got hosed down by massive rainfall.
But I did get a chance to make some random hotel photo's

leaving for a week

Hello everyone!

I will not be able to be very active in the upcoming week.
The reason why...
I will be leaving for a well deserved holliday abroad.
And while abroad I do not have the resources to come online and post pictures and other posts.
I did however made sure that my monthly features like a drawing a month will still be posted.
That way you can still enjoy my blog...
(you have just got to love pre-planned posts right?!)

I hope to see you all again in a weeks time!
And prepare yourselves, I will be coming back with lots of pictures.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Climb

To get out of the black hole,
The climb awaits.
To escape from insanity,
One needs to take a step a time,
Nobody ever told me this would be easy,
Nobody ever told me this would go fast.
Will I ever make it up?
Will I ever feel free again?
Or will I die before I see the light.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Cuddly Side

I was roaming though my HUGE pile of stuffed animals today and it is there that I came across a bunch of Irish Molly sheeps with the cutest little shirt on.
You could littlerly hear my light go on with the though of a new shoot with Patch.
My though buy with stuffed sheep. He was not to happy with the idea, but after some pushing and some puppy eyes from my side he posed.
And this is what came out.