Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tutorial: How to Tea or Coffee Color fabrics

Do you have some clothing that you want to make look old and used. Give it that authentic old worn and dirty look?
Or do you have some fabric you want to use to make something that you want to look old dirty and worn?
There is a way to do that with some easy to get household things.

Read this small but easy to follow step by step tutorial on how to tea and coffee color fabrics. And you will get the result you want!

What do you need?
 - A bucket
 - Tea or Coffee ( depends on which color you want to get )
 - Hot water
 - A big spoon or stick to stir the water with.

Who do you do it?

- The very first step is to boil water, make sure it's good and hot!! to ensure the tea or cofffee will give away all it's color.

- Put the boiled water in a bucket, make sure you have enough water in you bucket to soak the fabric in compleetly. If you only wat to soak and color a small piece of fabric, you could also use a mug.

- Put in the teabag(s) and Coffee and let it sit ans soak for w while so the water will turn dark. untill you can hardly see though it to the bottom.
If you are planning in coloring a big poece of fabric I advice to use atleast 3 teabags or 3 big scoops of coffee. If you are coloring a small piece of fabric you can do with less.

- Put the fabric you want to color into the water. Make sure you drown the whole piece of fabric in tha water for a compleet even color. If you want some pieces to stay the color they are, you can keep those pieces from going into the water.

- Let the fabric sit in the water for a good 15 minutes, and stirr it around a few times, so the color will get in every fiber of the fabric.

- Take the fabric out and  rinse it at the sink or in the shower or bath and hang it out to dry.

And now you have tea or coffee colored fabric, with an old dirty and worn look!

What kind of Tea or Coffee do I use?

If you want to color your fabric with Coffee, you can use  regular coffee.
If you want to color your fabric with tea, I recommend English Breakfast tea or English blend

How will the colors be?

If you are looking for a softer brown color you have to choose for tea.
If you are looking for a darker more intens color, you have to choose for Coffe.

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