Monday, December 12, 2011

Exciting new idea's and plan's

In just a few days a whole lot of things happend in my BJD world.

First off...
I decided it was about time I would send out Patch his head and Aiden his head to a profesional Face-Up Artist, Amaranthe Face-ups. (click on the link to see her beautifull work) I have been anoying myself a biut lately about Patch his face-up... His cheeks are just a bit toooo red and I really hate the dark line they put on his lips. Looks like he just drank chocolate milk if you ask me. And after his nosedive, he really needs a new one.
And welll lets face it... I am not a total disaster when it comes to male face-ups and that is why Aiden will be going to.
I am so excited that she is going to do two of my dolls!

The other things that has struck me in the last few days are idea's for shoots.
I am BRUSTING with Idea's for shoots. It's insane. Curently I am working on two shoots. But for that I have to make some props and some clothing. It might take me some time to finish all the work I have planned but I love doing the work.  And ofcourse I will be sure to make Tutorials for all of you for the things I made. So  that if you like them You can make them youself.

Speaking of Tutorials...Who here is into Steampunk?
I know I am!!
And that is why I decided to make a Steampunk belt pouch for Yo-sd dolls. So I can easily take one of my Yo-sd girls out when I am in steampunk costume.
I made a tutorial of how to make those bags. And it will be posted on this blog as soon as I can make it happen.

And then there are meet-ups with other BJD lovers. I always love to see other people who are just as enthusiastic about these marvelous dolls as I am. And I love to see other dolls. (ofcourse I do)
And iwth just a little bit of luck I will be doing two meet-ups this week. One is for certain. I am going to a BJD friend of mine. It's a two person meet up.. But those small get togethers can be really fun aswell. And I am hoping to join a bigger meet-up this saturday. That one if not for certain.
Be prepaired to see some  pictures of those meets popping up here!

Last... but defenatly NOT least.
Yesterday I did some shopping for my two big males. I thought Aiden and Patch deserved some new clothing. Every doll I own ( except for bunny sniffels ) has atleast two outfits. So Patch and Aiden could not be left behind. And I ordered them new clothing.
For patch I ordered a fantasticly amazing shirt on etsy.
Click on the link below to see the pictures enlarged and got o the page of the seller who makes this amazing shirt.

Aidens new set I found on Ebay.
It's from Nine9 Style. I really love this brand! Almost everything My guys wear is from this brand.
Click on the link below to go to the Ebay listing of this article

And then there is this really last little thing I really want to do.
And that is telling you I am looking for fun new things for my blog.
All BJD related ofcourse.
I am not sure just what it will be, but I am working hard on it.
Keep an eye out for new things here.

As you can see a whole lot has happend and there is a whole lot I have planned.
Did I mention I really love the BJD world?
If I didn't I think after reading this post you will not doubt that for just one second.

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