Friday, December 2, 2011

Character updates

Lately I have been working really hard on my character stories of my dolls.
I have been extending them, making them more complete and more of a story that just a few facts about the dolls, which is pretty much what they where before.
They now all have their own story, they all have their own background and distinct character.
Most recently I have updated the stories of Phyllis and Sarah Ann. rounds way more interesing than the onces they already had. I made up new stories for them for a RP, and found these new backgThe two of them are still inceperable but they have a total new background story, and those new stories feel so much better that the ones they had before. I even gave them surnames! That just makes them more real to me.
I never thought I would give my dolls this much of a character, but for some reason I really started to expand the characters and their lives and places. And I quite like it.But with a new background story and new characters also come new clothes... I have an idea for their clothes. I just hope I can make it happen. But I do not think it will be that hard. And then ofcourse come shoots... I can't wait. to show you all what I have in mind!!!!!

The only story that does not add up anymore is Liza's story. But that will not be for ling since I am gonna edit it right after I finish this story. I am bursting with idea's

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