Monday, October 24, 2011

Crazy girls own world

I took some pictures of my little insane girl Liza at dolliverse with this beautifull backdrop.
It was as if this little mad girl was in her own happy world.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A new face-up.... Bye Bye white stuff

I tried to get rid of the ugly white stuff that has somehow created itself over a course of a couple of days on Aiden's mouth and around his piercing.
I thought that mabye if I removed the piercing and re-aplied some pastel color I could fix things up.
God was I wrong.
By removing the piercing I F##^% things up even more.
So I had to do a total new face-up.
And to be honest, I am glad I did.
He looks amazing now.
No more strange white stuff anymore and I think this face-up look just that bit better that the one before.

Here are some quick snaps of the new face-up

And this one... just because i could

Trapped in black and white

Here's some random pictures I took of Aiden today.
He still does not have his new wig and I still need to find a way to remove the ugly little bits around his piercing. Still do not understand whyit's visible... appeared thee a few days after I did his face-up...
But enough talk... Picture time.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sniffels Nightmare

Sniffels Nightmare-> Having a teaparty with Phyllis and Sarah Ann.

And a little Extra

Monday, October 10, 2011

I've been given back my wings

Since I made 2 sets of wings last week. ( one for Aiden and one for Patch )
I thought my little rebel of a fallen angels could show you how happy he is to have his wings back.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tutorial : How to make Angel wings for Ball Jointed dolls

I wanted to have wings for my dolls for quite some time now.
But it was impossible to find them in the right size. And that is when I decided I could have ago and make them myself.
It actually was easier that I tought it would be.
And I though I would photograph my proces so that I could make a step by step tutorial.
So here is how to make angel wings for SD. (when you want to make wings for smaller or lager dolls or make the wings larger or smaller, you'll have to adjust the sizes to you own will)

Step one:
The things you need.
1: Cartboard piece
2: Glue gun with lot's or glue patern
3: Feathers
4: Tape measure
5: A round sized object.
6: A piece of ribbon

Step two
Drawing the countour of the wings on carboard
Use you tape measure to make a straigh line onto you cardboard of 25 cm long.
And make a little mark in the precise middle of the line.

Use the round  object to make two even half circles on top of the straight line. You can uyse the mark you made on the half of the straight line to make sure your half circles are even.

Draw a straigt line of 7 cm down from each end of the horizontal line.
Attach the two ends ofthe downward line with the middel of the horizontal line so you get two triangels.

Cut out your wings.
Make sure to make a little bridge between the two half circles for extra stability of your wings.

Step two
Glueing on the feathers

I bought a string of feathers that were sewn together onto a piece of cotton ribbon at the local fabric store. These are real feathers and I found these strings were the chapest way to get my hands on real feathers. You only need about a meter to decorate your wings perfectly. But before I could start glueing I needed to free the feathers from  the cotton.

Now you can start glueing.
Start at the very bottom of the wing with a single row of feathers.
Make sure you glue the feathers on as close together as possible for a full effect.
Aftery you gleud on the first row start a new row about a centimeter above the first one and make sure you stay paralel to the first row when you glue on the next line.

Continue glueing on rows until you reach the top.
You can hide the roots of the feathers at the top by glueing on a few feather around the top of the half circle.

Step three
The ribbons

Glue on two ribbons that are excactly the same size on eigther side of the wing's bridge.
Make sure your ribbon is long enough so ou can easily tie the two ribbons together on the back of you doll.

Step four
Go back to step three
Use exactly the same steps of step three to cover the other side of the wing with feathers.

Step five
Strap the wings onto the back of you doll

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Planning a project

I have this new project in my mond.
Since my two big guys Patch and Aiden an both form angelic decent they are in dying need of some feathers.
I remembered I had two angel wings decration stufed somewhere in my house.
After trashing the whole place just to find those things I discovered they were to small for them.
They did however have the right colors ( one black and one white ) So I was really bummed to find out they were to small.
And then my little lightbulb went on and I disected the wings to find out how they were made.
Turns out it is very simple to make yourself angels wings.
Now all I need is a big load of white and black feathers and some cardboard and ribbon.
Now cardboard is not so hard to get since I just received a BIG cardboard box with clothes for my little store... but the feathers is a whole other thing.
I am gonna try to find them at the local DIY store.
But I kinda know feathers there will be very expensive. I hate the idiotic DIY store prices here....
So before I can start making myself wings I need feathers...
As soon as I find the feathers I will make sure to photograph my steps in making the wings in a step by step how-to-make