Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aiden is here!!!!!

The mailmal came by my house today to bring me Aiden's head.
So I grabbed Patch right away to tear of his head and replace it with Aiden's.
And since they are brothers, they will just have to agree with me ;)
Yes they share a body for a while... until I have the money to buy one for Aiden.
It was then I found out that Patch and Aiden are two differen colors resin.
Aiden is more pink that Patch who is more yellow.
And also... Aiden's head is a size smaller that Patch's.
Which meant the wig I had in mind for Aiden was way to big... and I needed to perform a wig switch between the brothers.
A whole afternoon with pastels  and MSC and I did my very first male face-up was done.

Enough talk....
Here are the pics.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Found a new project

I have been wanting to buy a new Ball jointed doll for quite some time now.
But these dolls are just so expensive.
At least the ones I had in mind are everything but cheap.
So I went and found a solution.
My wish was to have another male SD (60cm) doll.
And it was then that I came across this beautifull leekeworld head.
And since Patch is also from Leekeworld doll and made from the same color resin that the head I found was.....The choice I would be making was very clear.
I am about to by a second head for one body.
Okay... so I will not be able to make pictures of both the guys quite yet... but I am keeping eyes open for a secondhand body I can buy.
But for now I am very happy I am getting this new head.
Now I can finaly let loose the plan I had for this second doll.
I can not wait fro it to arrive.