Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vanity Table

I bough a little vanity table at the Actio store a few days ago.
When I bought it it was made of really pale wood, to pale for my taste. And it looked to new for my girls.
So I went to work. I painted the wood darker with tea bags, english tea blend. (You can use other tea an use rooibos tea for flavours, but then the color would turn out a bit different, If you want more red wood, you example) The tea gave the wood a darker look.
After the wood dried I picked up my trusty flame thrower.... euh candle ligther and burned the wood  by hovering it over the flame , close enought for it to scorge a little of the wood, and fasr enough so it would not catch flame.
I decorarted it with butterfly clips, a sticker on top and on the mirror. Added some bottles and part of a tea set.
Stuffed the drawer with all sorts of BJd godsies ( hair clips, sjawl, fan etc.)
And when it was ready, the girl came running to check out the new piece of fun-iture.

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