Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pretty In white

A few days ago the dress I ordered for Lisa for my birthday came in.
It was a bit of a shock when I pulled it out of the packaging, I never expected the backside of the dress to be as long as it is.
And then I saw the size of the dress and I was like NOOOOO, this will never fit her, it's watto big.
I tried it on, and it litterly fell of her little body.
That meant I had to drag out my needle and thread and some snaps.... and I went to work.
I had to put a snapper on the lower skirt... so that after putting it on I can snap two parts of the skirt together to make ik smaller. I could not sow it smaller. It would not have fit over her bum is I did that.
And then came the top.
The shoulder straps were way to long. So i folded them at the back and sewed them.
That ways I can always make them longer again if I want to put the dress on a nother doll.
And after all that was finished...I thought I deserved a photoshoot.