Monday, December 12, 2011

Tutorial: How to make a Steampunk belt Pouch ( for BJD )

The Idea
Last week I had a great idea to make a pouch for my Steampunk outfit.
The idea started out as just a simple small little belt pouch to hold something small.
But when I finished that I made a similar pouch to hold a Yo-sd BJD.
So here is the tutorial....:

How to make a Steampunk Belt Pouch for small objects and Yo-SD BJD dolls.

What do you need?
- Fake Leather Fabric ( you can also use real leather if you want. )
- Needle and thread.
- Decoration fr you pouch if you want to decorate it. For example, Lace, pearls, ribbon Cogs and gears etc.
- Scissors

Step 1

Take measurements.
If you want to make a pouch for a specific item be sure to measure up the item and make sure that you mark your measurements down on your fabric. When you have the measurements marked down. add two centimeters all around your measurements. Those extra centimeters are for sowing.
You only need two sides of the same form to make a pouch.
It is easier to mark only one side, and fold the fabric. That way you get two exacly the same shaped pieces.

If you want to make a BJD Pouch. You can place your doll on the fabric and fold the fabric over your doll. That you can use pins to mark down the contour of your doll.

Step 2

Cut out the two sides of you pouch.

Step 3
Place the two pieced on top of each other. Be sure to put the outside of you pouch on top of eachother so that the inside of you pouch pieces are showing.
Pin the two pieces together.

Step 4

Sowing the 2 pieces together.
I always make two sowing lines. That if for extra safety of the object and for the strongess of the pouch.

Step 5

When you are done sowing the two pieces together you flip the top of the pouch, so that a little bit of the outside of the pouch is bend over the inside of the pouch.
If you want to use lace on you pouch, my advice is to fold this in place right now, so you can sow that on together with sowing the bend over fabric.
Pin everything down with pins so it will stay straight when you sow it together.
When you pinned eveything down, you can sow the pieces together.
My tip:
Make two sow lines on the flap. One on top and one at the enge of the flap. It gives the pouch somethings extra and it lookes really pretty.

Step 6

Make a belt loop.
Take a retangular piece of the fabric and fold the side to the middle of the fabric. Hiding the inside of the fabric, and sow the flaps down.

Step 7
Sew the beltloop onto your pouch.

Step 8

Flip the pouch inside out... or outside out. and see how your pouch looks.

Step 9

Make small incisions on the top of the pouch so you can lace a rope of piece of ribbon through.
That ways you have something to pull the pouch shut.

Picture of Pouch with doll will be made soon
Step 10

Decorate you pouch to you own wish with anything you want.
And when you are done with that............

You are DONE! you have your own steampunk belt pouch!!!!

Exciting new idea's and plan's

In just a few days a whole lot of things happend in my BJD world.

First off...
I decided it was about time I would send out Patch his head and Aiden his head to a profesional Face-Up Artist, Amaranthe Face-ups. (click on the link to see her beautifull work) I have been anoying myself a biut lately about Patch his face-up... His cheeks are just a bit toooo red and I really hate the dark line they put on his lips. Looks like he just drank chocolate milk if you ask me. And after his nosedive, he really needs a new one.
And welll lets face it... I am not a total disaster when it comes to male face-ups and that is why Aiden will be going to.
I am so excited that she is going to do two of my dolls!

The other things that has struck me in the last few days are idea's for shoots.
I am BRUSTING with Idea's for shoots. It's insane. Curently I am working on two shoots. But for that I have to make some props and some clothing. It might take me some time to finish all the work I have planned but I love doing the work.  And ofcourse I will be sure to make Tutorials for all of you for the things I made. So  that if you like them You can make them youself.

Speaking of Tutorials...Who here is into Steampunk?
I know I am!!
And that is why I decided to make a Steampunk belt pouch for Yo-sd dolls. So I can easily take one of my Yo-sd girls out when I am in steampunk costume.
I made a tutorial of how to make those bags. And it will be posted on this blog as soon as I can make it happen.

And then there are meet-ups with other BJD lovers. I always love to see other people who are just as enthusiastic about these marvelous dolls as I am. And I love to see other dolls. (ofcourse I do)
And iwth just a little bit of luck I will be doing two meet-ups this week. One is for certain. I am going to a BJD friend of mine. It's a two person meet up.. But those small get togethers can be really fun aswell. And I am hoping to join a bigger meet-up this saturday. That one if not for certain.
Be prepaired to see some  pictures of those meets popping up here!

Last... but defenatly NOT least.
Yesterday I did some shopping for my two big males. I thought Aiden and Patch deserved some new clothing. Every doll I own ( except for bunny sniffels ) has atleast two outfits. So Patch and Aiden could not be left behind. And I ordered them new clothing.
For patch I ordered a fantasticly amazing shirt on etsy.
Click on the link below to see the pictures enlarged and got o the page of the seller who makes this amazing shirt.

Aidens new set I found on Ebay.
It's from Nine9 Style. I really love this brand! Almost everything My guys wear is from this brand.
Click on the link below to go to the Ebay listing of this article

And then there is this really last little thing I really want to do.
And that is telling you I am looking for fun new things for my blog.
All BJD related ofcourse.
I am not sure just what it will be, but I am working hard on it.
Keep an eye out for new things here.

As you can see a whole lot has happend and there is a whole lot I have planned.
Did I mention I really love the BJD world?
If I didn't I think after reading this post you will not doubt that for just one second.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tutorial: How to Tea or Coffee Color fabrics

Do you have some clothing that you want to make look old and used. Give it that authentic old worn and dirty look?
Or do you have some fabric you want to use to make something that you want to look old dirty and worn?
There is a way to do that with some easy to get household things.

Read this small but easy to follow step by step tutorial on how to tea and coffee color fabrics. And you will get the result you want!

What do you need?
 - A bucket
 - Tea or Coffee ( depends on which color you want to get )
 - Hot water
 - A big spoon or stick to stir the water with.

Who do you do it?

- The very first step is to boil water, make sure it's good and hot!! to ensure the tea or cofffee will give away all it's color.

- Put the boiled water in a bucket, make sure you have enough water in you bucket to soak the fabric in compleetly. If you only wat to soak and color a small piece of fabric, you could also use a mug.

- Put in the teabag(s) and Coffee and let it sit ans soak for w while so the water will turn dark. untill you can hardly see though it to the bottom.
If you are planning in coloring a big poece of fabric I advice to use atleast 3 teabags or 3 big scoops of coffee. If you are coloring a small piece of fabric you can do with less.

- Put the fabric you want to color into the water. Make sure you drown the whole piece of fabric in tha water for a compleet even color. If you want some pieces to stay the color they are, you can keep those pieces from going into the water.

- Let the fabric sit in the water for a good 15 minutes, and stirr it around a few times, so the color will get in every fiber of the fabric.

- Take the fabric out and  rinse it at the sink or in the shower or bath and hang it out to dry.

And now you have tea or coffee colored fabric, with an old dirty and worn look!

What kind of Tea or Coffee do I use?

If you want to color your fabric with Coffee, you can use  regular coffee.
If you want to color your fabric with tea, I recommend English Breakfast tea or English blend

How will the colors be?

If you are looking for a softer brown color you have to choose for tea.
If you are looking for a darker more intens color, you have to choose for Coffe.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Character updates

Lately I have been working really hard on my character stories of my dolls.
I have been extending them, making them more complete and more of a story that just a few facts about the dolls, which is pretty much what they where before.
They now all have their own story, they all have their own background and distinct character.
Most recently I have updated the stories of Phyllis and Sarah Ann. rounds way more interesing than the onces they already had. I made up new stories for them for a RP, and found these new backgThe two of them are still inceperable but they have a total new background story, and those new stories feel so much better that the ones they had before. I even gave them surnames! That just makes them more real to me.
I never thought I would give my dolls this much of a character, but for some reason I really started to expand the characters and their lives and places. And I quite like it.But with a new background story and new characters also come new clothes... I have an idea for their clothes. I just hope I can make it happen. But I do not think it will be that hard. And then ofcourse come shoots... I can't wait. to show you all what I have in mind!!!!!

The only story that does not add up anymore is Liza's story. But that will not be for ling since I am gonna edit it right after I finish this story. I am bursting with idea's

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Crazy girls own world

I took some pictures of my little insane girl Liza at dolliverse with this beautifull backdrop.
It was as if this little mad girl was in her own happy world.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A new face-up.... Bye Bye white stuff

I tried to get rid of the ugly white stuff that has somehow created itself over a course of a couple of days on Aiden's mouth and around his piercing.
I thought that mabye if I removed the piercing and re-aplied some pastel color I could fix things up.
God was I wrong.
By removing the piercing I F##^% things up even more.
So I had to do a total new face-up.
And to be honest, I am glad I did.
He looks amazing now.
No more strange white stuff anymore and I think this face-up look just that bit better that the one before.

Here are some quick snaps of the new face-up

And this one... just because i could

Trapped in black and white

Here's some random pictures I took of Aiden today.
He still does not have his new wig and I still need to find a way to remove the ugly little bits around his piercing. Still do not understand whyit's visible... appeared thee a few days after I did his face-up...
But enough talk... Picture time.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sniffels Nightmare

Sniffels Nightmare-> Having a teaparty with Phyllis and Sarah Ann.

And a little Extra

Monday, October 10, 2011

I've been given back my wings

Since I made 2 sets of wings last week. ( one for Aiden and one for Patch )
I thought my little rebel of a fallen angels could show you how happy he is to have his wings back.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tutorial : How to make Angel wings for Ball Jointed dolls

I wanted to have wings for my dolls for quite some time now.
But it was impossible to find them in the right size. And that is when I decided I could have ago and make them myself.
It actually was easier that I tought it would be.
And I though I would photograph my proces so that I could make a step by step tutorial.
So here is how to make angel wings for SD. (when you want to make wings for smaller or lager dolls or make the wings larger or smaller, you'll have to adjust the sizes to you own will)

Step one:
The things you need.
1: Cartboard piece
2: Glue gun with lot's or glue patern
3: Feathers
4: Tape measure
5: A round sized object.
6: A piece of ribbon

Step two
Drawing the countour of the wings on carboard
Use you tape measure to make a straigh line onto you cardboard of 25 cm long.
And make a little mark in the precise middle of the line.

Use the round  object to make two even half circles on top of the straight line. You can uyse the mark you made on the half of the straight line to make sure your half circles are even.

Draw a straigt line of 7 cm down from each end of the horizontal line.
Attach the two ends ofthe downward line with the middel of the horizontal line so you get two triangels.

Cut out your wings.
Make sure to make a little bridge between the two half circles for extra stability of your wings.

Step two
Glueing on the feathers

I bought a string of feathers that were sewn together onto a piece of cotton ribbon at the local fabric store. These are real feathers and I found these strings were the chapest way to get my hands on real feathers. You only need about a meter to decorate your wings perfectly. But before I could start glueing I needed to free the feathers from  the cotton.

Now you can start glueing.
Start at the very bottom of the wing with a single row of feathers.
Make sure you glue the feathers on as close together as possible for a full effect.
Aftery you gleud on the first row start a new row about a centimeter above the first one and make sure you stay paralel to the first row when you glue on the next line.

Continue glueing on rows until you reach the top.
You can hide the roots of the feathers at the top by glueing on a few feather around the top of the half circle.

Step three
The ribbons

Glue on two ribbons that are excactly the same size on eigther side of the wing's bridge.
Make sure your ribbon is long enough so ou can easily tie the two ribbons together on the back of you doll.

Step four
Go back to step three
Use exactly the same steps of step three to cover the other side of the wing with feathers.

Step five
Strap the wings onto the back of you doll