Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Poppen en Beren Beur The big event haul

Hi Everyone
Here is the haul video I made after i visited the Poppen en Beren beurs a few weeks back
Hope you all enjoy it!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Answering a Question about mod podge spray. Unable to reply to comments on my blog.

Hi everyone, and especially to anonymous who asked me a question on my sealant blog post.

I hope you get to read this, as I found I am for some odd reason unable to reply to your question on the post itself. Blogger doesn't seem to want to post my reply. And I tried a lot of times. So I thought i'd answer your question here, in the hope you will get to read it. And I also thought the answer would be of help to others as well.

Anonymous question to me was;
Is Mod Podge spray version any good to (final) seal your face-up.

I must honestly say I have never used the spray version of mod podge and thus I can not say if it is any good for face-ups. Or even safe to use on doll resin. But, if it is the same formula as the liquid version that comes in a bottle I would not use it so final seal your head. Mod podge tends to be a shinier that for example MSC. It's good to use on tattoo's and scars as that are just a little spots on your doll. But if you face is completely shiny it will look really weird compared to its body. I personally do not think it looks nice.
Ofcourse you can always try the formula, I would suggest you use a spare part or the headcap of your doll als a test area for the sealant. Just to make sure of it is safe and if it dries nicely before you potentially harm your face-up or the resin of your dolls head.
I hope I was able to help you with this.

Do you have questions about face-ups, or materials of just about bjd's in general, don't be shy and leave me a message here on my blog, or contact me through the contact button and I will happily answer them for you,

Friday, November 3, 2017

Dolly update; why I sold so many dolls

Hi everyone.
Here is my first dolly update.
And it's a big one.
I will be telling you why I sold so many of my dolls.
And also what is going to happen in the future.

Monday, October 30, 2017

My other collections a.k.a. Meet the hoarder in me.

Hi everyone.

Did you know I collect other things besides my BJD?

Want to know what those things are?
Watch this video and find out!!